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Guy Harvey Peacock Bass ArtWe are striving to create the most informative and entertaining Internet site focusing on peacock bass and other exotic gamefish species found in South America. Our two prime locations, both the Araca Camp, which is a very upscale safari-style land-based camp, and Amazon Yanna Adventures, a luxury 100-foot yacht, are the finest operations in their class.

More than a decade has passed since our first angling foray to the Amazon/Orinoco watershed of South America. While researching the literature prior to this first Amazon adventure, we came across a rather interesting quote, written in 1911 by explorer and scientist J. Haseman, one that was a bit unsettling to us.

Haseman wrote - "Fishing in South America is by far the most dangerous of all forms of scientific exploration…. No man over fifty years of age should attempt to enter this region."

Peacock Bass Fishing in South AmericaPerhaps Haseman had been influenced by reading accounts of the 1541 expedition to this region by Spaniard Francisco de Orellana, who described his encounters with hordes of lady warriors (the name Amazon being derived from Greek mythology). Fortunately, our initial angling trek into the Amazon/Orinoco watershed revealed no hordes of blood-thirsty lady warriors and we were so overwhelmed by the shear beauty and enormity of the area, the hospitality of the people and the splendid nature of the fishery that we’ve since returned for a cumulative three dozen visits to this wonderous region.

Ask the outfitter you might be considering to book your trip with just how many times they’ve personally fished the area you’re interested in visiting. More than likely, we know the answer you’ll be given and we hope you turn to our company, X-TREME ANGLING for solid advice. We don’t acquire our information from a brochure, but rather from our own personal experiences and our constant dialogue with lodge owners and guides throughout the year.

Flip Pallot's first Peacock Bass
ESPN2's The Walker's Cay Chronicles' Flip Pallot with first peacock bass

Since the late 1980’s, an ever-increasing number of globetrotting anglers have trekked to South America to target peacock bass and other aggressive, predatory gamefish. Drawing an explosive topwater strike from a peacock bass on fly or plug might be one of the most exciting and challenging experiences you’ll ever encounter as a freshwater angler.

A successful South American peacock bass adventure requires careful planning and preparation. We'll provide you with the most up-to-date information on all aspects of traveling to South America and peacock bass fishing so you’ll feel confident about embarking on such an adventure. PeacockBassOnline.com and its parent company, X-TREME ANGLING will help guide you through every step of your trip including:

  • Passports, visas and other documents that you may need for travel
  • Inoculations and medications to take prior to your trip.
  • The most comfortable clothing designed to protect you from the equatorial sun.
  • The best rods, reels, line and lures you'll need to do battle with peacock bass.
  • Techniques for locating and catching peacock bass!

Our StaffOur team has years of personal, first-hand knowledge fishing many of the prime peacock bass watersheds in South America. We share our experience of seasonal patterns and climatic conditions to insure that you’ll enjoy optimal fishing results.

In addition to sending you to a wonderful fishery, we'll provide you with the opportunity to visit new and exciting destinations. We'll expose you to a wide variety of people and cultures. We'll help you bond with a special client; rekindle an old friendship; share the spirit of fishing with your family or just enjoy a trip with your good fishing buddies.

Peacock Bass BuddiesWhen it’s time to book your peacock bass adventure, there's no angling booking agency that will offer you as many prime destinations throughout South America. We've excluded fisheries whose most productive fishing days have passed them by and focused on the hottest peacock bass waters in in the world.

Let X-TREME ANGLING help you plan the peacock bass adventure of a lifetime!

The wonderful color art featured on the top of this page was provided by
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